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The NEXL Season spans over 5 events a year. Teams play 3 matches per event for a total of 15 matches in prelims per season.  The Event dates for 2014:
Event 1April 27th
Event 2June 1st
Event 3July 13th
Event 4August 24th
Event 5September 28th

The NEXL follows PSP Rules which does allow for spectator participation and we do LOVE having players families at the events.  So feel free to join us on any event day and cheer on your favorite teams & players!

And while we love that people get into the games and want to help their team claim a victory we want the events to remain a fun and non-hostile environment so we as a league, player and promoter alike, frown upon counter-coaching in an effort to keep the fans and their children coming back!

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